Celebrate These Quirky, Unofficial Holidays With Our Phoenix Hallmark Stores!

Celebrate These Quirky, Unofficial Holidays With Our Phoenix Hallmark Stores!

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Whether you’re active on social media, you frequently look at your calendar, or you simply participate in modern day society, you’re likely aware of National [insert holiday here] Day. In all honesty, if you’re really social media savvy by staying on top of popular, trending topics, we’re willing to wager that you’re acutely aware of non-official-but-still-fun holidays like these. 

As your go-to network of Hallmark shops in Phoenix, Karen’s Hallmark Shop takes pride in helping people like you celebrate major national holidays all the way to...well, whatever you’re into! People have countless interests yet a lot in common, and if you can imagine a particular national holiday, it probably exists. 

Since we’re transitioning from the heat of the summer to the magic and wonder of the upcoming holiday season, we only thought that it was appropriate to cover several of the many interesting, wacky, quirky, and flat-out obscure national days out there. Hey, if these days are any reason to celebrate and give thanks to someone in your life, then we’re all for it! 

Check out our hand-picked selection of national days in today’s blog post, and feel free to stop by any Karen’s Hallmark Shop location in the greater Phoenix area to pick out a fitting gift for your loved one. 

Celebrate For Any Reason With These Fun, Off-Brand National Days

February 4th — “National Thank a Mail Carrier Day” 

We like this national day in particular because it honors our postal heroes who help make our gifting service possible. Karen’s Hallmark Shop features a small, built-in, authorized U.S. Postal Service Station at several of our locations, and any gift that you choose can be sent virtually anywhere in the world. 

Mail carriers work tirelessly, around the clock, every single day to help people get what they need. We truly appreciate their service, and we think that everyday should be National Thank a Mail Carrier Day. 

March 4th — “National Grammar Day”

Professional writers, English majors, journalism aficionados, and wordsmiths of all types are generally quick to correct someone’s poor grammar, especially if it concerns the use of “your” versus “you’re.” Well, on March 4th, your unwarranted pedantism will be justified and you can use National Grammar Day as a perfectly valid excuse for your actions.  

June 1st — “National Say Something Nice Day”

In all honesty, everyday should be National Say Something Nice Day. This is arguably one of the more wholesome national days out there, and for good reason — it feels good to say something nice and it feels even better to receive kind words from someone. Go out and make everyday a nice day for those that you encounter by saying something genuine and kind. 

July 31st — “National Avocado Day”

People sure love their guacamole, and to love guacamole of any style, you must love avocados. For the supporters of National Avocado Day, their unofficial holiday consists of avocado consumption in multiple forms: burritos, chips and dip, avocado oil facemasks, and the like. Avocados are quite versatile; after all, they’re considered to be “nature’s butter.” 

Chipotle even offers free guacamole for any entree purchased on July 31st. That’s a big deal considering that adding guac to something at Chipotle usually averages about two dollars. 

August 8th — “National Sneak Some Zucchini Under Your Neighbor’s Porch Day”

Yes, when we said “obscure,” we really did mean obscure. There’s nothing necessarily inappropriate about this national day (besides trespassing onto your neighbor’s property to get access underneath their porch), but it definitely is a weird one. 

Will the zucchini go unnoticed, only to rot into the dirt and matter that lies beneath the porch? Will your neighbor catch you in the act and leave you without an explanation as you nervously clutch a zucchini in each hand? Will they excitedly check under their porch at the end of the day, hoping that you’ve made this nutritious deposit? 

When it comes to a national day like this, we only have questions and no answers. 

September 5th — “National Be Late For Something Day”

Running late to work? Need that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning? Showing up late happens to the best of us, so why not have one day out of the year when it’s a little more socially acceptable to clock in a few minutes (okay, several minutes) late? 

Now, your employer may not accept “National Be Late For Something Day” as a valid excuse for your lateness. But of course, it’s still worth a try, and you don’t have much to lose if you’re already late anyway (except for your job). 

September 21st — “National Singles Day”

National Singles Week leads up to what can only be considered the ultimate dating event ever. We’re not sure how many businesses or organizations actually celebrate National Singles Day, but we’re willing to bet that more than a handful of bars, restaurants, and other places around the country offer singles specials in hopes of getting people to mingle. 

Remember, National Singles Day is not to be confused with “National Kraft Singles Day.” 

Your Source For All Things Hallmark In Phoenix

Karen’s Hallmark Shop is the best place in Phoenix to find a great gift, holiday card, collectible, or other item to ship or physically gift to the loved ones in your life. Whether you’re celebrating a legitimate national holiday or any of these quirky national days, we’re happy to help you express how you feel. Stop by any of our six locations today!

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